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Colored Captain America Shield Lapel Pin

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The most patriotic superhero in history, Captain America uses his iconic shield to fend off enemies who pose a threat to the United States. This Colored Captain America Shield Lapel Pin is a stunning way to pay homage to the hero. Made from solid pewter, this lapel pin is a licensed Marvel Comics item that features a shining finish and an eye-catching display of colors. The lapel pin is designed after the indestructible shield used by Captain America, which features a red and blue motif with a large star in the center. A closure piece is included on the back of the pin, giving you the chance to easily secure the pin to your lapel. Give your favorite outfits the perfect touch of classic comic book flair with this Colored Captain America Shield Lapel Pin.

Key Features:

  • Made from solid pewter
  • Depicts the shield used by Captain America in Marvel Comics
  • Features striking attention to detail and stunning colors
  • Includes a secure back closure
  • Ideal for elegant or everyday wear
  • Great for adding an eye-catching accent anywhere


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