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Clockwork Moon Man Earrings


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The man on the moon can be found in many stories and cultures. It is no surprise that you might find him being upgraded in the world of technical fantasy. The Clockwork Moon Man Earrings give a new look to this classic character. This hooked steampunk earring set is masterfully crafted from fine sterling silver, gleaming much like the moon itself would. Featuring the iconic view of his face, these dangle earrings host a profile of the moon man in front of a mechanized background, a small star sitting at the base of the pendant. Wearable with virtually every outfit, the Clockwork Moon Man Earrings are an excellent way to incorporate steampunk elements into everyday life!

Key Features:

  • Incredible twist of the man on the moon
  • Made from high-quality materials
  • Displays man on the moon with clockwork background
  • Comes in matching pair of hooked earrings
  • Wearable with almost every ensemble
  • Awesome steampunk accessory


  • Earrings made from fine sterling silver


  • Earring Diameter: 0.71 Inch


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