Clawed Skull Necklace


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This unfortunate skull is caught in the clutches of some fearsome beast! The Clawed Skull Necklace presents this eerie fantasy image as an intricately detailed accessory that will add a touch of darkly mystical style to everyday wear. The fantasy necklace features a small skull that is held securely in the grips of a beasts claw. The claw features various lines across its surface, creating a rough, almost scaled appearance, while it also features a ring of red accent stones around the edge of the claw. It is made from a lead free alloy and has an attractive silver-gray appearance, reminiscent of cast metal. The necklace includes a matching silver chain for easy wearing. With its amazing fantasy design, the Clawed Skull Necklace is a great item to give to any fantasy enthusiasts among your family or friends, as well as an awesome personal accessory to wear during your day to day activities.

Key Features:

  • Pendant depicts a skull trapped in a claw
  • Silver tone necklace has band of red accents
  • Great for everyday or costume wear
  • Features intricate detailing
  • Fantastic personal accessory or gift
  • Includes matching necklace chain


  • Made from lead free metal alloy


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