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Chrysler Bat Shot Glass

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There is something about the Chrysler Bat Shot Glass that just evokes thoughts of New York, circa the 1930s. This shot glass features creative Art-deco decorations combined with nocturnal nuances that fit the metropolis all too well. This round-bottomed shot glass would have problems standing on its own, but luckily enough, it has three attractive pewter supports that help keep the glass upright and your drink where it should be. Each support is arrow-like in shape. The legs start at a point at the bottom and expand outward and upward, widening slightly as it extends up. The design features concurrently stacked panels to create a sunburst ray style design that is capped by a small red crystal. Each of the three legs also features a small bat, with outstretched wings, which adds a subtle touch of gothic style to the glass. The Chrysler Bat Shot Glass is safe for virtually all beverages and makes a great gift to give, even if you are just giving it to yourself.

Key Features:

  • Made from quality pewter and glass
  • Features an Art-Deco, pseudo gothic base
  • A unique and fun shot glass
  • Safe for use with any beverage
  • A great gift to give or personal accent to have
  • Do not use with the dishwasher


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