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Cherry Bourbon Whiskey Essence


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Now it’s possible to make your own brew, using this Cherry Bourbon Whiskey Essence! This essence imparts a fruity edge to the traditional taste of Kentucky bourbon, which makes for a decidedly innovative and fine tasting brew. This bottle contains 20ml of essence, which is best used with any of our aging barrels to craft your own delicious brews and home-aged spirits. See below for instructions on how to use this flavoring essence.

Ingredients: Natural extracts, essences, oils and caramel color.


Pour the contents of the bottle into a 1 liter barrel. Fill with 25 fl. oz. (725 mL) of 40% alc./vol. unflavored grain alcohol, moonshine, or neutral vodka. Shake well to mix thoroughly. Makes 26 fl. oz. (750 mL). For barrels larger than 1 liter, use one bottle of essence per liter. After, age spirits to taste, consulting your barrel’s instructions on the aging process. Then, enjoy!

Key Features:

  • Bottle holds 20 ml of essence
  • Make your own fruity, cherry flavored whiskey
  • Imparts the classic taste of Kentucky bourbon infused with cherry notes
  • Use this essence with any of our oak barrels
  • Alcohol not included, only essence


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