Charles Edward Stuart Replica Coin Pack

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Known as the Bonnie Prince Charlie, Charles Edward was the last of the Stuart line to try and restore his family to the British throne. This Charles Edward Stuart Replica Coin Pack includes a replica coin attached to a card with historical information. This coin is modeled after the Charles Edward Stuart silver medal and is made entirely from lead-free pewter. It commemorates this historical figure, who rallied the Catholic and Episcopalian clans to battle and defeated the Government army of King George II in September 1745. Eventually, though, Charles Edward was defeated in the Highlands of Scotland, at Culloden Moor. After this defeat, the Highlanders who had risen up in support of Charles Edward were no longer allowed to bear arms, use their tartans, or even wear traditional dress. Charles Edward himself escaped capture and lived in France after that. As a collectible, this Charles Edward Stuart Replica Coin Pack is a great way to not only add a great looking coin to your collection, but also a fantastic way to introduce a little bit of historical knowledge to your life, as well.

Key Features:

  • Crafted from Lead-Free Pewter
  • Modeled After a Silver Medal
  • Features Incredible and Authentic Detailing
  • Includes Historical Information
  • Cast Directly from an Original Coin
  • A Phenomenal Collectors Piece or Gift Idea


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