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If it is strength and empowerment that you seek, then sometimes, it is a good choice to turn to the gods. This Cernunnos Necklace is inspired by pagan tradition and depicts the woodland guardian of the greenwood, who stands for the strength of nature. Crafted entirely from fine sterling silver, this pendant is a symbol worthy of the pagan god Cernunnos, who hails from a variety of myths and legends. This forest-god is most often depicted as a faun-like man with animal and human features, as well as horns atop his head. This pendant does not diverge from that design. Included with the pendant is a hallmarked jewelry box, as well as a black cord for quick and easy wearing. Cernunnos is often an unpredictable creature, and this Cernunnos Necklace serves to harness his energy, while also showing off a distinctive and unique look that makes it quite the intriguing accessory to own and wear, too.

Key Features:

  • Crafted in Fine Sterling Silver
  • Inspired by the Symbols and Sigils of Classic Witchcraft and Mysticism
  • Depicts the Horned Celtic Forest Guardian, Cernunnos
  • Possesses an Impressive Level of Detailing
  • Includes a Jewelry Box and a Black Cord Necklace


  • Pendant Length: 1.33 Inches
  • Pendant Width: 1.25 Inches


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