Celtic Fleur Filigree Ornament Set of 6


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The Celtic Fleur Filigree set of ornaments are made from 1/8 inch thick birch and are available painted or unpainted. They feature cut out designs of knotwork lines with fleur symbols. You will receive 6 ornaments, all of the same design. These lovely ornaments can be used for a variety of celebrations, such as any kind of party or decorating for Christmas. They look stunning on the Christmas tree and can also be hung on garland and attached to wreaths.

The Celtic Fleur Filigree Ornaments have a small hole where a wire hook or thin string can be inserted to hang the ornament. We offer these ornaments in metallic gold, metallic silver, or unpainted. Please note the unpainted ornaments will have slight burn marks around the edges. If you plan on painting them it will easily be covered up. Or you can very lightly sand the area of the burn mark and it will come off.

Key Features:

  • A high quality wood ornament
  • Made in the USA, in our shop
  • Available painted or unpainted
  • Open knotwork is cut out for a custom look
  • Can be used as a Christmas ornament or decoration for parties


  • Diameter: Approx. 3 Inches


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