Celtic Cross Knot Necklace


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Embrace the artistic and religious values that can accompany the elegant Celtic Cross Knot Necklace, which can easily accent any outfit. This unique piece of jewelry offers a modern design that is rich with history and meaning. This item was carefully constructed from 316L stainless steel and then polished to obtain a unique finish. Base on a high cross, this piece is adorned with stunning Celtic knots that fill the insides of the cross. The intricate weaves create a familiar and stylish representation of this ancient symbol. Shown here in silver with black background, this is a versatile item that can be paired with any look. Liven up your outfit and be prepared to receive compliments as you proudly wear the Celtic Cross Knot Necklace to your next social event.

Key Features:

  • Crafted from 316L stainless steel
  • Inspired by a Celtic high cross
  • Features complex knots and subtle tones
  • Ideal for gifting or casual wearing
  • Includes a black cord for easy wearing


  • Width: 0.9 Inch
  • Length: 1.4 Inches


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