Celtic Claddagh Pendant – Gold Finish

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The claddagh ring is an old Irish ring that was traditionally given as a token of friendship or love. First designed in the 17th century, the symbol has remained a popular one and is now reimagined as this stunning, gilded Celtic Claddagh Pendant. The traditional claddagh ring is considered to be a fede ring. Fede rings typically feature clasped hands and date back all the way to Roman times, where they were used as symbols of loyalty and as marriage rings. The claddagh as it is known today was crafted in the 17th century and is named after the small village from which the symbol was born. This beautiful pendant has a lustrous gold tone and a round shape that is bordered with attractive Celtic knots. The interior of the pendant features an embossed ring and two hand-shaped cut-outs that hold a heart, which features a crown, creating the classic claddagh shape. The hands are symbolic of friendship, the heart, love, and the crown, loyalty. Simple and attractive, this ring is a great choice to wear when you are looking to show off a little pride in your heritage, as well as a great gift to give to loved ones and friends. The pendant is crafted from solid metal and plated in gold, giving it a beautiful look. It is fairly androgynous in style, which means that it can easily be worn by both men and women without trouble. Please note, however, that the pendant does not include a chain or necklace, although one can be purchased separately on this site. The gold Celtic Claddagh Pendant is a beautiful little pendant to wear, although its beauty is only a part of its greatness as an accessory or a gift, as anyone who knows its meaning are likely to appreciate it all the more.

Key Features:

  • Features Impressive Detailing
  • A Double Sided Pendant
  • Great for Casual Wear
  • Can Be Worn by Both men and women
  • Chain Not Included


  • Made from zinc alloy
  • Plated with 24 carat Gold


  • Height: 2.125 Inches
  • Diameter: 1.625 Inches


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