Celtic Bracelet

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The Celtic Bracelet is a cuff bracelet with green gemstones placed throughout its intricate knotwork surface design. Made of lead free alloy, this silver tone bracelet makes a thoughtful gift for a loved one fond of Celtic style. The intertwined pattern on the surface is reminiscent of hearts looped together in an endless embrace. Its cuff style structure can be gently adjusted to fit most. Please note that repeated bending of the metal can fracture it. The Celtic bracelet would look great on the arm of any person you care about.

Key Features:

  • Beautiful cuff bracelet features Celtic knotwork
  • Green synthetic gemstones decorate surface
  • Cuff structure fits most and can be gently adjusted
  • Lovely gift for a loved one or friend
  • Unique personal accessory


  • Made from lead free metal alloy


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