Cave Demon Skull Mask


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A face of bone hides a more terrifying truth in this Cave Demon Skull Mask! When you wear this mask, you get the best of both worlds, those being a demonic look mixed with a skeletal style that is perfect for Death and his demons. The face of the mask depicts a sinister, skeletal demon, complete with wicked fangs and a stylized brow. The skull is broken along the edges, though, to make room for the twisting horns that mark the mask as demonic. This mask is made entirely in fine latex materials and covers the whole face and head when worn. Startling in its detail, this Cave Demon Skull Mask is a fun and frightening choice for any costumer to wear, especially when they crave that sense of fear of the dark and macabre.

Key Features:

  • A demonic mask with a skull-like style
  • Has a weathered and worn brown-ish bone hue
  • Accented with cracks, fangs, and large curled horns
  • Covers most of the head when worn
  • A great costume mask for Halloween, costume events, and more


  • Made from latex


  • One Size Fits Most


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