Catoptrauma Mirror Earrings


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Catoptromancy goes back as far as Ancient Rome, where its practitioners were known as speculari. These Catoptrauma Mirror Earrings carry the name as a reference to the dark portents glimpsed through the mirror with a fracture on its pristine surface. The name could also be a play on words, merging catoptromancy, the act of divination using a mirror, with trauma, as evidenced by the fractured cracks and lines visible in the ornate mirror earrings. Hanging from the base of the mirror earring studs are black Swarovski crystal tear droppers. The earrings are offered as a matched pair and feature surgical steel stud posts for easy and safe wearing. You may not see the future in these earrings but you do not need to in order to know that these Catoptrauma Mirror Earrings will give you a style that is both appealing and unique.

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Key Features:

  • Earrings are made from fine English pewter
  • Depicts an ominously shattered mirror
  • Decorated with black Swarovski crystal accents
  • Features surgical steel post studs for wearing
  • Comes as a matched pair of identical earrings
  • A stunning personal accent and a fantastic gift idea


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