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Catacomb Womens Gothic Leggings

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An exemplary item for ensuring your ensemble emanates an aura of gothic styling, the Catacomb Womens Gothic Leggings features an exceptionally detailed design of a catacomb wall which has been constructed with human skulls. These leggings display a wraparound style graphic which is the same on the front and back and depicts an ancient stone wall with numerous human skulls and bones being used as supports. These skulls, as well as the rocky surface of the wall, are slightly gray in their coloring, creating a design which is noticeable, but not overly ostentatious. A polyester and elastane fabric blend is used to make these leggings, providing a comfortable fit which conforms to your body. Accentuate your gothic style with the Catacomb Womens Gothic Leggings.

Key Features:

  • Form fitting womens leggings
  • Features a gothic skull design
  • 95% polyester and 5% elastane construction
  • Made with skin friendly, Azo-free, reactive dyes
  • Superb for casual wear or gifting


  • Small: 22.8 Inch Waist and a 30 Inch Inseam
  • Medium: 24.8 Inch Waist and a 30 Inch Inseam
  • Large: 26.8 Inch Waist and a 30 Inch Inseam
  • X-Large: 28.75 Inch Waist and a 30 Inch Inseam


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