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That Cat Pentagram Ouija Board is not your typical Ouija board. This beautiful board features a number of details that place it well beyond the scope of something as simple as a board game, or even a spiritual tool. Unlike the typical Ouija board, this particular design is circular, the alphabet runs along the outer edge of the board in a circle. Just under the alphabet is a ring of decorative green leaves, broken up by the words yes, no, and bye at the left, right, and bottom positions, respectively. The numbers 1 through 0 are represented across an inner ark above the center of the board. At the center of the board is a ring of Celtic knots decorated with green leaf pieces, and within that inner circle is a crescent moon, decorated with additional Celtic knots, woven into a large pentagram. A black cat sits on the curve of the moon, occupying the center of the pentagram. The whole board is done in wood-like tones and patterns, although in reality most of the entire board is made from hand-painted cold cast resin. A glass pane sits atop the Ouija board to allow the planchette to move easily. The included planchette is decorated with a tree with green leaves. The Cat Pentagram Ouija Board is an impressive display piece, calling it a board game or even a spiritual tool is almost doing it a disservice. At this level of detail, it is really more of an exquisite display piece.

Key Features:

  • Based on Classic Ouija Board Design
  • Features A Glass Top
  • Incredibly Detailed
  • Made from Hand-Painted Cold Cast Resin


  • Width: 14 Inches


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Memory: 64MB (12.5% of 512MB)
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