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Captain America Logo Sticker

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He arms himself with colors as patriotic as his soul. Our noble hero bares a mighty shield, using all his power to defend his charges. Show admiration for the loyalty of this brave guardian with the Captain America Logo Sticker. With shield raised high, the Star-spangled Avenger breaks through the enemy ranks. His independent mind discovers the path to victory, increasing the welfare of all under his protection. He fights with loyalty that stands against the majority. Place his fearless emblem wherever you please with this collectible sticker.

Key Features:

    • Decorative Marvel superhero vinyl sticker
    • Designed with the classic emblem of the Star-spangled Avenger
    • Features the patriotic shield fashioned in colors of red, white, and blue
    • The perfect gift for Captain America fans everywhere


    • Approximate Size: 4 Inches


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