Candy Cane Sugarsweet Fairy Statue

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Have you got a craving for something sweet? Sink your metaphorical teeth into the saccharine sweetness that is this Candy Cane Sugarsweet Fairy Statue, and your craving will be sated, as will your desire for a lovely fairy that is as sweet as can be. This fairy is panache and pizazz, with a sense of style that would rival other eccentric candy masters from across fantasy and fiction! It is no secret why she is named after the candy cane, what with the bright red and white stripes that adorn her attire. She stands with two candy canes crossed in her hands and tied together with a bow at the base, forming a heart shape, all while standing atop a lovely little cupcake that gives her the boost necessary to stand like a true showman (or showgirl) above the crowd. Atop her head is a red little top hat, adorned with a black heart accent, while her wings echo a similar design, featuring glittering red and pink hues, complete with their own heart accents. The fairy figurine is crafted entirely out of cold cast resin, which imparts a great deal of detail into the statue. A hand painted finish gives it a vivid level of coloration. The recipe? One part candy cane and one part showgirl for every two parts fairy. What does that give you? The Candy Cane Sugarsweet Fairy Statue, sure to catch your interest thanks to its refreshing and vivid look.

Key Features:

  • Depicts a candy cane-inspired fairy on a cupcake
  • Hand painted in vivid colors
  • Unique design features beautiful details
  • A fantastic decor item or gift idea


  • Made of cold cast resin


  • Height: 8 Inches


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