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Butterfly Pentacle Plaque

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Butterflies are beautiful little creatures, that much is hard to deny. The same is true of this Butterfly Pentacle Plaque, which, while different, has all the beauty and appeal of its smaller cousins, thanks to intricate and appealing Celtic detailing. This impressive plaque takes the classic form of the butterfly and transforms it, just as a traditional butterfly changes from caterpillar to cocoon to butterfly! The plaque features the silhouette of a butterflys wings, touched with unique accents of Celtic design, including trinity knots at the wing-tips and Celtic spirals on the upper rings. Two little antennae stick out from the top, while a five-point star rests at the butterflys core. The plaque is crafted entirely in fine resin materials, and it features a either a wood grain or a stone finish. Either of the two finishes are worth considering, as both lend this Butterfly Pentacle Plaque a different sort of character that is quite lovely to see. It all depends on whether you want the antiqued beauty of stone or the stunning appeal of carved wood.

Key Features:

  • An Original Design by Sculptor Paul Borda
  • Crafted Entirely in Fine Resin Materials
  • Merges Celtic Designs with a Pentacle and the Silhouette of a Butterfly
  • Available in Either a Wood Grain or a Stone Finish
  • A Fantastic Home Decor Item
  • Great for Personal Use or Gifting


  • Height: 7.125 Inches
  • Width: 7.5 Inches
  • Depth: 0.875 Inches


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