Buccaneer Beauty Layered Cameo Necklace


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This necklace is a rich array of multiple decorations, so much so that this Buccaneer Beauty Layered Cameo Necklace makes it look as though a female pirate is wearing and displaying all the riches she is accumulated on her pirate voyages. This piece of costume jewelry is quite the show-stopper, possessing several necklaces all combined into one impressive accessory. The first necklace is a delicate gold chain that features a pendant with a black background and a white skull and crossbones cameo. The rest of the necklace consists of a series of layered necklaces, consisting of one band of red rhinestones, several gold chains, and two strands of white beads that simulate the finest and most pristine of pearls. Not only will this costume necklace help you show off your wealth as a pirate, but the Buccaneer Beauty Layered Cameo Necklace will also display you are superior sense of unquestionable pirate style.

Key Features:

  • A Complex and Ornate Costume Pirate Necklace
  • Features a Multiple Necklaces in Different Designs
  • Decorated with a Classic Pirate Skull and Crossbones Cameo Pendant
  • Other Necklace Designs are Red Rhinestone, White Beads, and Gold Chains
  • A Fantastic Compliment to a Variety of Ladies Pirate, Buccaneer, or Swashbuckler Costumes
  • A Fun Pirate Accessory to Wear for Pirate Gatherings, Costume Parties, Halloween, and More


  • Chains Crafted from Fine Metal
  • Faux Pearls, Cameo Pendant, and Faux Gemstones Crafted from High-Quality Plastic


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