Brown Vintage Velvet Headband

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Headbands are a rather varied accessory. Sometimes they are simple and used to tame and control hair, and other times, they are complex decorations fit for royalty. The Brown Vintage Velvet Headband definitely falls into the latter category. This headband might be a little much for an everyday setting. Highly ornate and highly decorative, this headband is better-suited for situations that require a more formal level of dress. This style of headband is also an excellent choice to use as an accessory for medieval and renaissance costumes and appearances. This headbands base is brown velvet and features a shirred antique silk strip that has been hand-dyed to an attractive brown color. The headband is also decorated with a rhinestone strip and a number of brown flowers, all hand-dyed as well. Because this is a handmade item, the appearance may vary slightly from what is shown here. If you need a headband that has more going for it than just a simple hair management accessory, then you need something like the Brown Vintage Velvet Headband, a decorative, visually stunning piece that will keep your hair controlled and accent your appearance marvelously.

This item cannot be returned or exchanged once removed from its original packing.

Key Features:

  • Handmade using Fine Materials
  • Made Using a Brown Velvet Band
  • Features Rhinestone Decoration
  • Decorated with Hand Dyed Flowers


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