Brown Tall Skeletal Steampunk Riding Hat with Netting

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Not many hats can boast that they have it all and come as close as the Brown Tall Skeletal Steampunk Riding Hat with Netting does. It has such a varied degree of decoration and style that there is very little that it does not have. This begs the question, what does it not the hat have? Let us go over what it does have, and you can decide what it does not have on your own. The hat is, at its base, a simple brown riding hat. A brown lace band wraps around the hats base, and the hat has been further decorated by adding real clock and watch parts, as well as adding touches of brown feathers and brown roses in places as accents. The back of the hat features an attractive bow and train netting, which adds an additional level of sophistication and class to the hat. Perhaps the most striking feature of the hat is the skeletal figures that have been used as decoration as well. This Steampunk hat has been handmade, which means that its appearance may differ slightly from the image shown. In a small way, you could almost compare the Brown Tall Skeletal Steampunk Riding Hat with Netting to a work of art. It is complex, rich, and developed. Some will love it, others will hate, and some may not even understand it, but it will certainly draw a good deal of attention.

Key Features:

  • Made with Real Clock Parts
  • Made from a Tall Riding Hat
  • Features Stylish Steampunk and Skeletal Decorations
  • Features Attractive Black Netting Along the Back of the Hat


  • Fits a 22 to 22.5 Inch Head Circumference


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