Brooklyn Shorty Baseball Bat by Cold Steel


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Whether you are in your home or traveling in your car, we can all appreciate the peace of mind brought about by improved security. You can achieve this feeling when you protect yourself with the Brooklyn Shorty Baseball Bat by Cold Steel. This handy bat is smaller than its brothers, making it a travel-sized companion or a convenient defense to have stored away in your home. It is precision injection molded from polypropylene, resulting in a virtually indestructible structure that withstands hard hits and the wear and tear of the elements. Small size does not detract from its effectiveness though, making it a stellar bat that can do everything its bigger cousins can do.

Key Features:

  • Virtually unbreakable and weather resistant
  • Small stature is easy to have at the ready
  • Can be cleaned off with soap and water
  • A fantastic self-defense weapon
  • comparable in price to quality wooden bats


  • Made of polypropylene


  • Length: 20 Inches
  • Weight: 1 lb. 3.8 oz.
  • Handle Thickness: 1 Inch
  • Tip Thickness: 1.725 Inches


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