Bronze Thor Hammer Ring


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In Norse mythology, Thor is known as the god of thunder, lightning, storms, strength, protection, oak trees, healing and fertility. The Bronze Thor Hammer Ring displays the tool with which he makes thunder and protects mankind. The hammer, called Mjolnir, appears on the face of this Viking ring with black enamel accents to emphasize its details. Runic script runs along the edges of the round face. Designed by artist Paul Borda, this unique piece of Norse jewelry calls on Thor to venerate, protect, and hold sacred the home of those who wear it. Made from solid jewelers bronze, the Mjolnir ring comes in a range of sizes to suit men and women.

Key Features:

  • Made from solid jewelers bronze
  • Decorated with black enamel
  • Features Mjolnir design
  • Designed by artist Paul Borda
  • Great Viking accessory or gift


  • Width at Widest Point: 0.75 Inch


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