Bronze Steampunk Gear Earrings


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Nothing says Steampunk more clearly than a couple of decorative gears. The Bronze Steampunk Gear Earrings will suspend a pair of tooth-edged gears from your ears, creating an industrial look that compliments existing Steampunk styles quite nicely. These impressive looking earrings feature a simple bronze stud at the top, which is attached via a copper-colored link to a large, round gear. The outer edge of the large gear features straight, block-shaped teeth, while the interior features four support struts and an inner circle, to which is attached a small length of copper-colored chain. This chain dangles down and secures a smaller gear, which features curved teeth along the outside edge, as well as four inner support struts and a smaller circle within the center. When you are accessorizing a Steampunk look, many people immediately look for esoteric accessories and all manner of fantastical gizmos, but do not neglect a classic and attractive decoration like the Bronze Steampunk Gear Earrings.

Key Features:

  • Attractive Steampunk Styled Earrings
  • Features Metallic Copper and Bronze Coloration
  • Gears Resemble Actual Clock and Watch Gears
  • Perfectly Combines an Elegant Look with an Industrial Style
  • An Ideal Accessory for Any Steampunk Look or Costume


  • Crafted from a lead-free metal alloy


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