Bronze Seated Freya Pendant

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Each of the Norse gods has their own throne, and now, you can depict your favorite one seated on their throne, in the form of a personal accessory. This Bronze Seated Freya Pendant is for those who find favor with the Norse goddess of love. This impressive little pendant features a rich, lustrous golden-yellow hue, thanks to it being crafted entirely in fine jewelers bronze metal. It depicts Freya, who was the Norse goddess of beauty, fertility, war, and death. She is queen of the Vanir, as well as queen of the Valkyries, and half of those slain in battle are delivered to Hall in the afterlife. She possesses a chariot pulled by cats, as well as a cloak of falcon feathers and a necklace called Brisingamen. She is depicted in this three-dimensional pendant as seated on her throne, flanked by two cats, wearing her falcon-feather cloak. This accessory is offered as a pendant only, and as such, can be worn with any cord or chain you own to make this into a rather impressive necklace. Even to this day, mythology remains a popular subject, and for those who love Norse mythology above all else, this Bronze Seated Freya Pendant is the perfect way to celebrate your love of this war-born pantheon.

Make this pendant into a necklace by wearing it with our Stainless Steel Box Chain (WH-WH-CN03002) or Stainless Steel Snake Chain (WH-CN03008). For a more rugged option, check out our 25-30 Inch Black Leather Lace (HW-701010) or Brown Leather Lace (HW-701011).

Key Features:

  • An Original Design by Sculptor Paul Borda
  • Pendant is Completely Three Dimensional, with Designs Pertaining to its God
  • Depicts Freya, Seated on her Throne, with Two Cats At Her Side
  • Crafted Entirely from Polished, High Quality Jewelers Bronze
  • Offered as a Pendant Only
  • A Stunning Personal Accent and a Fantastic Gift Idea


  • Height: 1.0625 Inches
  • Width: 0.5 Inches
  • Depth: 0.625 Inches


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