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Bronze Satin Shimmer Underbust Corset

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Nothing beats the shining glimmer of molten metal. Of course, molten metal can be quite difficult to wear. But with this Bronze Satin Shimmer Underbust Corset, you can show off a stunning metallic gleam in a high quality, high fashion corset of your own. The corset is incredibly well-made, featuring three layers of fabric – an outer layer of shimmering satin and two inner layers of quality cotton. The long cut corset laces up on the sides and on the back for easy of adjusting, and it also features steel construction, making it perfect for both casual wearing and waist-training purposes. Sleek and steampunk in its style, this Bronze Satin Shimmer Underbust Corset is an instant eye-catcher, one that will ensure that you are always at the center of a crowd.

Key Features:

  • Made with 1 layer of satin and 2 of cotton fabric
  • Features 20 flexible, spiral steel stays
  • Reinforced with steel bars and a steel busk
  • Has 4 garter loops on bottom hem
  • Comes with attached waist tape
  • Side is laced with matched ribbon
  • Can be used for casual wear or waist training


  • To get the perfect corset size, subtract 3 inches from your natural waist measurement. Your natural waist is just above your naval. It is always best to round down to an even number, if your measurement turns out to be an odd number.
  • Natural Waist: 23-24 Inches, Corset Size 20
  • Natural Waist: 25-26 Inches, Corset Size 22
  • Natural Waist: 27-28 Inches, Corset Size 24
  • Natural Waist: 29-30 Inches, Corset Size 26
  • Natural Waist: 31-32 Inches, Corset Size 28
  • Natural Waist: 33-34 Inches, Corset Size 30
  • Natural Waist: 35-36 Inches, Corset Size 32
  • Natural Waist: 37-38 Inches, Corset Size 34
  • Natural Waist: 39-40 Inches, Corset Size 36
  • Natural Waist: 41-44 Inches, Corset Size 38

Corset Dimensions:

  • Center Front: 13-13.5 inches with a 12 inch busk
  • Side Length: 11 inches at slit
  • Center Back: 14-15 inches
  • Underbust to Hip: 11-12 inches


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