Broad Head Naginata with Dragon Sheath


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The naginata is the Japanese version of the pole arm. Weapons like this massive Broad Head Naginata with Dragon Sheath became favored among the samurai for their ability to dismount horseman and create space on the battlefield. The blade is made of stainless steel and the included scabbard is hardwood with a black finish and dragon etched into the wood. For a tactical look, the shaft is hardwood and finished with a black coating. Along the length of the shaft are three fittings, each adorned with a cherry blossom. The first acts as a pommel of the weapon. In the upper quarter of the shaft is another that can unscrew for the weapon to be used as a sword. The third is at the very top and secures the guard of the weapon. If you are looking for an intimidating piece for your collection, you may find it in this Broad Head Naginata with Dragon Sheath.

Key Features:

  • Inspired by Japanese pole weapons
  • Double fullered blade
  • Hardwood shaft with a black finish
  • Can be unscrewed and used as a sword
  • Dragon carved into included sheath


  • Blade made of stainless steel


  • Overall Length: 62.00 Inches


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