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Nobles were not the only ones who could have nice things in the medieval days. Peasants had nice shirts as well, and the Boys Medieval Serf Shirt is of such quality that it would make even a noble lad or royal boy turn green with envy! Of course, that is only until those noble lads realize that they, too, can wear this shirt with as much ease as a serf does! This shirt is made entirely from fine linen fabric, which ensures that the shirt is light and cool to wear, which helps to make it supremely comfortable. The shirt is offered in two colors, either natural or in classic black. It features a collar and a neckline tie which can be worn open or closed, and it also features lace ties on the full-length sleeves, as well. The shirt is offered in three different sizes, which are designed to fit children in different age groupings. It is nothing if not versatile and handsome, and that makes this Boys Medieval Serf Shirt a choice acquisition for any little lad to acquire, whether he is planning on looking like quite the little lordling, a pint-sized knight, or even a young serf to work the lands.

Key Features:

  • A Shirt Made from Fine Linen Fabric
  • Features Lace Closures On the Sleeves and Collar
  • A Classic and Versatile Medieval Looking Garment
  • Extremely Comfortable to Wear
  • Perfect for Costuming, Gifting, Fair Going, and More

Chest Length
Small 36 inches 23.5 inches
Medium 38 inches 24.5 inches
Large 40 inches 26.3 inches


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