Boneyard Bag-O-Bones – Halloween Village Accessories by Department 56


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Create a scary skeleton in your Halloween town or scatter the remains of a local around the town with this Boneyard Bag-O-Bones! This multi-piece set makes it incredibly easy to decorate your Halloween village however you please. Twelve pieces come in this pack, with each piece being made from plastic. The pieces are easy to put together if you so choose, and they are also fun to place on streets, in trees, or in front of buildings throughout your Halloween village for that finishing touch. You will be sure to love including this Boneyard Bag-O-Bones in your Halloween village for many years to come!

Introduction Date: January 2015

Collection: Halloween Village Accessories

Key Features:

  • Made from plastic
  • Set includes 12 skeleton pieces
  • Pieces can be placed together or scattered through a scene
  • Looks fantastic in any of our Halloween village collections


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