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Bones of Venice Masquerade Mask

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Adding a dark touch to your masquerade attire can be frustrating when the best designs are stale or too naive. By reshaping classic Venetian style, the Bones of Venice Masquerade Mask hosts a design masterfully crafted from darkness! With deadly style as its inspiration, this gothic mask hosts a contemporary take on the traditional masquerade mask. This masquerade accessory is crafted entirely from high-quality plastic, complete with the iconic handle many Venetian masks are known for. The mask features a half face construction, designed to mimic the human skull as it covers your face from your brow to your upper lip and blackened for a sinister look. A skeletal arm rests on the right side of the mask to provide a unique take on the classic Venetian mask handle. Pair it with your darkest costume for an unforgettable look that will have onlookers chilled to the bone. An ideal accessory for gothic events, masquerades, and the like, there will never be another mask quite as sinister as the Bones of Venice Masquerade Mask!

Key Features:

  • Infused with traditional and gothic style
  • Crafted using high-quality materials
  • Covers the eyes, brow, and upper lip
  • Adorned in dark, skeletal details
  • Skeleton arm creates the handle
  • Goes well with gothic and fantasy styles
  • Perfect for gothic events, masquerade balls, and more


  • Crafted from High-Quality Plastics


  • One size fits most adults and older teens.


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