Blue Messer Guard


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The classic Messer sparring sword features a straight cross guard with an piece known as a Nagel, intended to protect the hand of the fencer. The Blue Messer Guard is a great way to add this piece to your Messer with a pop of color. This guard is crafted from a unique blend of high impact polymer, the same material that makes up our Messer Blades. Two sphere tipped quillons extend from the sides of this guard, with a sphere tipped Nagel that adds a protective and decorative aspect. This bright blue guard will look great with just about any blade or hilt you want to pair it with.

Key Features:

  • Crafted from high impact polymer
  • Features a Nagel extension for protection
  • Ideal for practice Messers
  • Color is versatile to match your blade and hilt
  • Pairs great with a Messer Blade!


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