Bloody Zombie Intestines


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Anyone who has ever fought a zombie knows that they do not have need of virtually any organ in their body, which is why survivors find Bloody Zombie Intestines discarded or held in the hands of the zombie they belong to! Of course, there is always something disturbing about a zombie wielding its own intestines against you, but that is the risk you run when you encounter a zombie. This disturbing item is shaped like a portion of the actual intestine, although it lacks the full length of either the small or large intestine to be a complete one. It has a dark pink coloration and is covered with dark red splotches of blood, as well as looking like it was ripped or cut off on both edges. The intestine is made from stuffed latex and measures approximately 17 inches long, from end to end. It might not make the ideal weapon, but zombies are not in the habit of making logical choices. Instead, they will wield whatever they have in-hand as a weapon, and sometimes, that might wind up being a length of Bloody Zombie Intestines.

Key Features:

  • A Gruesome and Gory Zombie Organ
  • Covered in Red Bloodstains
  • Made from Stuffed Latex
  • A Potential Weapon for Shambling Zombies
  • Perfect for the Halloween Season
  • Intriguing and Detailed Prop for Zombie Outbreaks


  • Made Entirely of Foam-Filled Latex


  • Length: 17 Inches


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