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Bloody Brains Zombie Button

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The living human body contains a fine assortment of organs. Sometimes it is difficult for the hungry zombie to decide what to enjoy first. Show your undead preference for a brilliant mind with the Bloody Brains Zombie Button. This round button captures the gruesome image of a vital organ. Look, it is still fresh. Blood drips freely from a perfectly complete brain with stem. Its red and white colors contrast against a blue background. Its subtle patriotic colors show your devotion to your favorite meal. Let this horrifying, yet stunning, button be a part of your Zombie collection today.

Key Features:

    • Fantastically gruesome zombie themed button
    • The favored food of the undead appears against a blue setting
    • Blood drips from a fully intact human brain with stem
    • A perfect gift for fearless fans of the undead


    • Button Diameter: 1.25 Inches


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