Bloodstained Vampire Fangs


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Once you put in these fangs, people will stop thinking you are in costume and start thinking you are a real vampire. The Bloodstained Vampire Fangs have a pale color marred only by red bloodstains and are custom-fitted to your mouth. And thanks to their comfortable, almost natural fit, you will have a hard time convincing others that you do not want to suck their blood. This impressive kit includes two individual fangs that are designed to be fitted over your upper canines. Each fang features a white coloration that is decorated with red drops, making them look mildly bloodstained. Also included is a substance called Stay Put, a fitting compound that ensures that these fangs are custom-fitted to your teeth and that they stay secured until you wish to remove them. Directions for how to apply the Stay Put compound and how to secure the fangs are included on the package. The Bloodstained Vampire Fangs can be used multiple times, ensuring that no matter how many vampire costumes you have, you will always have a pair of great looking, bloody fangs to wear that will have people thinking you are the real blood-sucking deal.

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Key Features:

  • A Great Set of Fangs for Any Vampire
  • Stay Put Compound Ensures a Custom Fit
  • Fangs Feature a Simple, Bloodstained Design
  • Fangs are Fully Re-Usable
  • Instructions for Application Included on Package
  • Completes Virtually All Vampire Costumes
  • Can be Worn Daily To Suit An Eclectic Style


  • Crafted from High-Quality Plastic


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