Blade of Deception Necklace

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Deception is an age-old tactic that goes back as far as mankind does. The Blade of Deception Necklace is a symbolic accoutrement that is perfect for anyone whose loyalty is not only fleeting, but also dangerously capricious. It is a handsome amulet, shaped like a traditional medieval dagger with a spiraled grip and a skull pommel. The traditional guard features twin serpents that hang off the edges, their mouths opened as though ready to deliver a deadly and venomous bite. Their scaled bodies twist down the length of the short blade, creating a rather vivid symbol that relates quite heavily back to back-stabbers and deceivers of all sorts. The pendant is made from fine English pewter and features an attractive luster, as well as a style that works well for both gothic guys and girls. It comes complete with a black cord necklace, which makes wearing the pendant easy, fun, and best of all, comfortable. Of course, you do not have to be an original deceiver or a liar at heart to enjoy the style of this necklace. In fact, you can and should enjoy the Blade of Deception Necklace whenever you like, as it will not only accent your own appearance nicely, but it will also help show off your great gothic style to the world at large – that is no lie.

Key Features:

  • Made from Fine English Pewter
  • Features a Rich Gothic Style
  • Dagger Pendant is Decorated by Twin Serpents
  • Comes on a Cord
  • A Great Gift or Fashion Accessory


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