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Black Leather Dagger Frog

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A good warrior never goes anywhere with a weapon attached to their hip, and this Black Leather Dagger Frog serves well in keeping a small blade secured at your side. This way, you will never have to be without a small blade, no matter where you go. Crafted from fine leather in a straightforward and effective design, this dagger frog consists of a rounded belt loop attached to a buckle and strap closure that can be wrapped around a dagger to secure it easily at your side. It is designed with no muss and no fuss in mind, and thus can fit a variety of daggers, thanks to its adjustable buckled loop. When worn, this frog hangs the dagger horizontally at your side. It is easy to use and will fit in well with almost any outfit or costume. If you wish to bring a dagger along on your next adventure, you can attach this frog to your belt and carry that blade with ease.

Key Features:

  • Accommodates a wide range of daggers
  • Features a belt loop and adjustable buckled closure
  • Hangs a dagger horizontally at the side of the wearer
  • Great addition to costumes, cosplays, and medieval looks


  • Made of leather


  • Length (unbuckled): 11 Inches
  • Width: 3.75 Inches


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