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In the eras of antiquity, women carried parasols around to shield themselves from the sun, both to keep cool and to avoid damaging their delicate appearance. This Black Lace Parasol is similar to what they would have carried, with a few modern updates. This attractive parasol is a full-sized accessory that features an old-fashioned style at the convenience of modern design. The parasol features dainty, sheer black lace decoration that gives it a delicate and elegant appearance, making it a great compliment to all manner of gothic and lady-like costumes. It features a J-hook handle for easy carrying and use, and opens at a moments notice with just the push of a button. When carrying this parasol, please keep in mind that it was designed to be a costume accessory first and foremost. You can carry this Black Lace Parasol for a variety of reasons, ranging from using it as an accent to your own classy Gothic or Neo-Victorian (Steampunk) costume, or you can actually use it to help provide a bit of shade, while also featuring a bit of old world class, yourself.

Key Features:

  • A Simple and Elegant Parasol
  • Features a J-Hook Handle for Easy Carrying
  • Pops Open With The Push of a Button
  • An Elegant and Classy Touch to Any Gothic, Neo-Victorian, or Steampunk Styled Costume
  • Also Great for Accenting an Eccentric Contemporary Style


  • Made from Sheer Black Lace Material
  • High-Quality Plastic Handle


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