Black and Brown Topped White Steampunk Riding Hat

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For one with discerning tastes, a riding hat is an important decision. It must complement ones riding attire perfectly. The Black and Brown Topped White Steampunk Riding Hat provides a stark color contrast, without compromising style. This simple white hat features a number of tastefully arranged decorations, all of which serve to supply a Steampunk theme to the hat and enhance it with carefully placed ornamentations. The hat features a black and brown striped band, which matches the top nicely, as well as a matching bow. Other decorations include clock parts, keys, brown feathers, and a brown velvet flower. Even better, this item is handmade from actual watch parts, meaning that it features an authentic style that few other hats can match, although because it is handmade, the appearance of the actual hat may differ slightly from the image shown. The Black and Brown Topped White Steampunk Riding Hat is an excellent combination of colors and decorations that make for a hat that fits nicely into Steampunk style while remaining visually appealing and utterly stylish.

Key Features:

  • Handmade using Actual Clock Parts
  • Made from a White Riding Hat
  • Features a Brown and Black Band and Top
  • Decorated with Clock Parts, Keys, and Brown Feathers and Flowers


  • Fits a 22 to 22.5 Inch Head Circumference


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