Bestial Warlord Costume Mask

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The frightening face of this mask makes it a key ingredient to any successful and scary looking warrior costume. The Bestial Warlord Mask looks equal parts horror monster and stylized medieval armor, making it perfect for a variety of costume uses. This mask is made entirely from quality latex. It offers a huge level of detailing that recreates a truly impressive looking and stylized helmet. The base is dark grey like forged iron, and it is accented with bands of burnished copper and bronze. Short spies and studs adorn the helmets features, with cracks adding a worn look to the helmets appearance as well. Two horns once jutted out from the side, but battle damage has broken one off. The mask is offered in one versatile size. Pair this with an armored costume to create a warrior look that no-one will forget. Or use this Bestial Warlord Mask in your next monstrous ensemble to forge a form that will leave others quaking in terror at your appearance!

Key Features:

  • A high quality costume mask
  • Creates the look of a stylized and fantasy-born helmet
  • Offered in one universal size
  • Features open eyelets for easy and comfortable wearing
  • A perfect accent for warrior, dark knight, and monster costumes


  • Made from latex


  • One Size Fits Most


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