Bed of Blood Roses Wrist Watch


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Few things are as tangled the web of emotion known as love, although the comparison of love and a tangled bed of roses is an apt one. This Bed of Blood Roses Wrist Watch embodies that comparison quite nicely, thanks to its design. This watch is almost intoxicating in its design. The watch face consists of a traditional heart that is filled with crimson hued enameling that conceals a number of gleaming Swarovski crystal elements. Also centered within the heart is a working watch-face that displays the time in Roman numerals. Extending from either side of the heart are brambles of thorny rose vines, both set with an elegant black rose, simulating the tangles of vines that can often happen when roses grow wild. This wrist watch is fully functional and is available in one size, although the chain wrist band gives it a bit of adjustability when it comes to fitting the watch to different wrist sizes. The Bed of Blood Roses Wrist Watch is a stunning accoutrement that will catch the eye of all who see it, while still keeping its wearer up-to-date on the exact time of day.

Key Features:

  • Crafted from fine English pewter
  • A functional wrist watch
  • Inset with Quartz Crystal Movements
  • Decorated with hearts and roses
  • Accented with red enameling and Swarovski crystals
  • Lobster claw clasp and chain offers an adjustable fit


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