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Batman Logo Night Light

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Into the murkiest alley and against the darkest halls, the Dark Knight of Gotham shines the light for truth and justice. The fierce wingspan of this bold beacon pierces through the blackest night with the Batman Logo Night Light. The black plastic shade displays the classic icon of our trustworthy Caped Crusader. The LED bulb enlightens the bleakest corner, guiding your footsteps down shadowy halls. The automatic sensor ensures its beams appear only at nightfall, creating heroic energy savings. This superhero themed nightlight is a perfect addition to your Batman collection.

Key Features:

    • DC Comic superhero themed night light
    • Features a decorative plastic shade and LED bulb
    • Designed with the trademark logo of the Caped Crusader
    • Built-in automatic light sensor in the power base
    • The perfect gift for any Batman fan


    • Length: 1.5 Inches
    • Width: 3.5 Inches
    • Height: 4.5 Inches


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