Batman Impopster Harley Quinn POP Figure

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The Clown Princess does it again. Everyone must admit that her mimicry of our hero is flawless, minus the colors. Add the fact that Batman never laughs, the criminal in the Batman Impopster Harley Quinn POP Figure fools no one. The heroic soul should play along, just to catch her unprepared. This trickster is sure to have a lethal weapon up her sleeve. Just observe how she tries to maintain a stern face. The Maiden of Mischief has taken on quite an ambitious task. Applaud a very entertaining attempt, despite an epic fail, by keeping this captivating POP! collectible on honorable display.

Key Features:

    • Official DC Comics Batman series figurine
    • Made from vinyl into an undercover supervillain
    • Harley Quinn appears in the garb of Batman in POP! chibi form
    • Add villainous humor to a trendy DC Comics POP! collection


    • Height: 3.75 Inches


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