Baroque Cherub Shelf Clock


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Elegant in its design, this Baroque Cherub Shelf Clock is more than just a functional timepiece. It is a stunning decoration that revives old Baroque styles, allowing you to bring into your home a touch of art inspired by this timeless style. Baroque style is usually typified by its usage of bold shapes and extravagant elements to create something that is dramatic and powerful, and this clock does not disappoint in that regard. It does, indeed, feature a bold and powerful design, one that will attract attention and ensure that all eyes are on it and not just because they want to know what time it is. This clock has a roughly rectangular body and a flat base. Column style supports run along the side edges of the clock, while its center is richly decorated with flowing leaf and vine patterns. Two decorative flairs adorn the side of the clock, while the top is decorated with a single cherub angel, balanced precariously on the clocks top spoke. The clock face sits just above its center point, displaying a white backing with Roman numeral numbers, all encased in glass. This impressively styled clock is crafted almost entirely in cold cast bronze, which is a form of cold cast resin that is mixed with powdered bronze, which not only gives the clock a more substantial weight but also gives it a metallic finish more similar to cast bronze metal. It is also selectively hand painted, which serves to enhance its overall detail as well as its metallic luster. The clock stands approximately 9.5 inches tall and it measures 5.5 inches long and 2.25 inches wide. It is a fully functional timepiece that runs entirely on batteries. This Baroque Cherub Shelf Clock is also a bit smaller than most, which is a convenient feature that allows it to go just about anywhere, allowing you to decorative just about any room with a subtle touch of stunning baroque style. Batteries sold separately.

Key Features:

  • A Beautifully Hand Painted Decor Item
  • Depicts a Baroque Style with a Lone Cherub Design
  • A Fully Functional and Attractive Clock
  • Powered by Batteries
  • Features an Impressive Level of Detail
  • Makes for a Stunning Decoration
  • A Great Home Decor Piece or Gift Idea


  • Made from Cold Cast Bronze


  • Height: 9.5 Inches
  • Length: 5.5 Inches
  • Width: 2.25 Inches


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