Barbed Heart Necklace

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A heart wrapped in barbs is a hard heart to break. This Barbed Heart Necklace merges what is traditionally the symbol of love and passion with jagged barbs and vines, to create a dark heart of passion for any gothic soul to own and enjoy as an accent. Dark and deadly, this impressive little piece of jewelry is crafted entirely from fine polished pewter, and its twisting form is vaguely knot-like in its design. Many twists, turns, and curls make up this heart-knot, and all are seemingly composed of thorny vines, to ward off any who might dare get too close to this heart of thorns. A black crystal adorns the cap of the heart, adding a second touch of gothic design to this pendants look. The pendant comes complete with a satin pouch that is perfect for keeping the pendant safe and sound when it is not worn, and it also includes a matching chain necklace for wearing. A hardened heart is one thing, and this Barbed Heart Necklace is another thing entirely. It is an accent that you will learn to love, especially given how well it meshes with almost any look that you can pair it with.

Key Features:

  • A Part of the Children of the Night Collection, by Fantasy Artist BRIAR
  • Pendant Shaped Like a Heart of Thorns and Knotted Vines
  • Decorated with a Single, Oval-Shaped, Black Crystal Accent
  • Crafted in Fine, Polished Pewter Metal
  • Possesses an Impressive Level of Detailing
  • Comes with a Satin Pouch and a Matching Chain


  • Pendant Height: 1.75 Inches
  • Pendant Width: 0.75 Inch


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