Aviator’s Wrist-Goggle Chronomitor Wrist Watch


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No adventurous aviator would ever be caught without their own Aviator’s Wrist-Goggle Chronomitor. This watch will help you with the task of synchronizing your steam locomotion with time-travel zones, while simultaneously telling time. This wrist watch has a goggle-like design that mimics aviator goggles typically worn by pilots. Two watch faces are hinged together and secured onto a brown leather band which is adjustable and fits comfortably around the wrist. The watch faces have an industrial Steampunk style. One watch face is the actual mechanism, while the other takes the form of a sundial, which can actually be used under the right circumstances. The mechanical watch face possesses 24mm movements and is inset with quartz crystal movements. As an aviator, your life depends on your navigational skills. Do not let yourself become hopelessly lost in the skies! Invest in your very own Aviator’s Wrist-Goggle Chronomitor Wrist Watch, and ensure that from now on, you can properly note the time to aid in all of your navigational calculations.

Key Features:

  • Made from quality pewter
  • Inset with Quartz Crystal Movements
  • Dual watch / sundial design
  • Amazingly styled steampunk device
  • Great for steampunk costumes or everyday use


  • Watch Diameter: 24 mm


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