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Avengers Thor Hammer Keychain

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Fans of Marvel Comics know that every time they hear thunder strikes or see a bolt of lightning, Thor is raising his mighty hammer! Now you can wield the weapon of Thor in your everyday life with the Avengers Thor Hammer Keychain. This keychain is made from solid pewter, and it features a gleaming sheen across its surface for a stunning appeal. Depicting Mjolnir, the hammer used by Thor in the Marvel Avengers comics, this keychain features an inscription reading Whosoever Holds This Hammer, If He Be Worthy, Shall Possess The Power Of…THOR! With a keyring included, this hammer can easily attach to your keys as soon as it arrives. This Avengers Thor Hammer Keychain makes a great gift for comic fans, and make sure to pick one up for yourself as well so you can feel the almighty power of Thor too!

Key Features:

  • Made from solid pewter
  • Depicts the hammer used by Thor in Marvel Comics
  • Features striking attention to detail
  • Includes metal ring for hanging
  • Great for personal use or for gifting


  • Length: 5.5 Inches


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