Autumn Greenman Plaque


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The Greenman is a nature spirit dedicated to protecting all things green and natural! You can feel secure in your home with the Autumn Greenman Plaque watching over your plants! His friendly face smiles in a comforting manner. Like many depictions of the Greenman, this plaque depicts a face that is made up of leaves. The center of the face, the area around the eyes and the mouth, is colored a light green, while the edges of the leaves are beginning to turn an autumn brownish orange. The Greenmans face is warm and comforting, with eyes that smile like his mouth. Behind some of the leaves, you can see some blackberries, blue berries, and raspberries. An orange and black butterfly rests on the Greenmans forehead. This nature-themed plaque is made from hand-painted, cold cast resin, and will make a great home accent for anyone who is a fan of the Greenman and those who enjoy nature. Add it to your Greenman collection or add it to your home decor for a splash of summer colors!

Key Features:

  • Possesses intricate details
  • Sports hand painted coloring
  • An excellent piece of nature themed home decor


  • Made from cold cast resin


  • Diameter: 5 Inches


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