Athena Goddess of War and the Arts


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Having been born from the skull of her father, Zeus, Athena was the goddess of all things intellectual, like strategic warfare, crafting, and wisdom. The Athena Goddess of War and the Arts statue depicts her common visage. This ornate, Greek statue is made from cold cast bronze that has been hand painted with colorful accents. She wears a Greek dress with bits of armour fixed to it and a Greek helmet upon her head. She holds, in her left hand, her shield Aegis, which bore the frightful image of Medusa, while her right-hand holds a spear. A single snake rests coiled around her feet, while snakes adorn her armour, and the owl that is her sacred animal rests upon her shoulder. The base of this highly detailed statue is made to look like stone and bears the name of Athena on its front. This decorative statue is an ideal addition to any Greek or mythology related collection or home decor!

Key Features:

  • Sports a bronze finish
  • Possesses incredible detailing
  • Features hand painted color accents
  • Displays the name Athena on the base
  • An excellent piece of Greek home decor


  • Made from cold cast bronze


  • Height: 11.5 Inches


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