Articulated Big Cat Skull

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Big cats are fearsome and dangerous apex predators. Their large fangs help them catch and hold their prey. You can make the Articulated Big Cat Skull catch its prey using its long fangs by opening and closing its movable jaw! This gothic skull pendant takes the shape of a feline skull with large, pointed fangs. The jaw of this epic cats skull pendant can be articulated open and closed. The surface of this stainless-steel pendant possesses a polished, antiqued finish. Add this gothic piece of jewelry to your wardrobe, or give it to a friend or loved one who enjoys skulls as a gift!

Key Features:

  • Displays a large, feline skull
  • Features movable jaw
  • Sports an antiqued and polished finish
  • Chain not included
  • An awesome piece of gothic jewelry


  • Made From stainless-steel


  • Length: 1.77 Inches


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