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Art of War Bamboo Arrows – Set of 6

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These Art of War Bamboo Arrows are natures solution to carbon arrows. Not only are they tough and reliable, but they also shoot great. So if you want a quiver full of reliable arrows, you could not do better than to fill one with these. They are offered in a set of six. Each arrow shaft is made from tonkin cane bamboo and capped with a bodkin style field point. The arrow also features a reinforced self-nock with black wrap and white fletching, as well as a pale striped cock feather. With an excellent reputation, these Art of War Bamboo Arrows fly every bit as well as a carbon arrow, and better yet, they give you an authentic experience and feeling that carbon arrows could never offer.

Key Features:

  • Hand-crafted entirely in tonkin cane bamboo
  • High quality – very durable and shoots extremely well
  • Sold in a set of 6 arrows
  • Each set is hand-spined to 5 pound groupings
  • Each arrow has a black-wrapped reinforced self-nock
  • Tipped with a bodkin style field point
  • Has a natural finish with white fletching and striped cock feather
  • Great for target shooting, competition, hunting, and practice

How to Order:

Order arrows to match the draw length and draw weight of your bow. These arrows are all 31 inches in length, and so should be fired only from bows that have a 31 inch draw length or shorter. They are available in many different draw weights, which you should match as closely as possible to your bow.


  • Arrow Length: 31 Inches


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